English for children with Niki and Peter

1. Introduction: Hello-Good morning-Bye-bye-Good Bye, What’s your name? My name is …, How old are you ? I am … years old., How are you today? I am fine/ great/well/ OK, thank you., Good night.

2. Clothes: jacket, trousers, T-shirt, jeans, cap, socks, shoes, boots, hat,  I am wearing …., put on X take off.

3. Means of transport: scooter, bicycle, tricycle, car, boat, rocket, plane.

4. Colours + shapes: What colour is it ? What shape is it ? It’ s …

5. Toys: pirate, clown, robot, ball, car, plane, kite.

6. Food: cornflakes, pizza, apples, cakes, spaghetti, pears, plums, steaks, fruit salad, carrot, ice cream – I like X  I don ´t like …, I am hungry., go on a picnic, have  a picnic, in the kitchen, in the fridge.

7. Verbs: eat, hug, shout, see, say, love, smile, like, have, hate, touch, shut, hop, walk, start, fly, come, look, stroke, run, push, pull, meet, get in X get out, play, swim.

8. Animals: chicks, bee, rabbit, crocodile, turtle, panda, duck, cat, cow, frog, pony, dog, butterfly, mouse + animal sounds, on the farm – stable, barn.

9. Shopping: basket, buy, heavy X light, shop, numbers 0 – 10, coins, Can I help you?, Here you are., paper, pencil, go shopping, cash desk, pay, money, shopping basket, trolley, toy shop.

10. Nature : sky, stars, sun, moon, tree, grass, flowers, in the mountains, in the park, on the lake, in the garden.

11. Feelings: happy X sad, angry, scared, sleepy,  What’ s the matter?

12. Adjectives and adverbs: wonderful, super, beautiful, little X big, quick/ fast  X slow, quiet, funny,  fantastic, How … is it ?

13. Family: dad, mum, brother, sister, This is me!

14. Daily routine: have lunch, fall asleep, dream, sleep in bed.

15. Weather: it ´ s raining, windy, cloudy, cold, sunny, hot, snowy, take your umbrella, open your umbrella, What ´ s the weather like today?, Let me see.

16. Body parts: head – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tooth/teeth, hair, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, tummy, back, legs, knees, foot/feet, toes.

17. House: roof, door, window, garden, path.

18. Festivals: Christmas ( bell, Father Christmas, sleigh, presents, children, Happy Christmas, Rudolph, reindeer, snow ), birthday ( birthday cake, presents, candles ,balloons ), Mother ´ s Day, Easter.

Opět hravá forma výuky – složitější typ písniček, příběhy čtyř nových přátel Petera, Toma, Connie a Rosie, básničky, spojovačky, dokreslování, omalovánky, puzzle,  hledání rozdílů, pohybové hry, obohacování stávající slovní zásoby (nová témata: house, daily routine, adjectives,  feelings, nature, shopping, means of transport) a prohlubování „speaking skills“ zábavnou formou!

Učebnice: Hooray! Let´s play! B  ( fialový přebal, 91 stran, CD s
písničkami uvnitř ! ),  Učebnice zakoupeny lektorkou v prvním týdnu výuky!

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